Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dari pagi sampai la abis lunch hour nie, i still thinking, surfing and wondering how to create and decorate my new blog, what we called 'PRE-LOVED ITEM' . 

I have a lot of stuff that i actually don't need it, but i TERBELI buy.... Dress and shirt i buy that i tak sempat wear pown, but now im gaining weight. A lot of branded brand that i put into 'JUNK' box in my room. 

Label : such as MNG, GUESS, ARMANI, CALVIN KLEIN, GUCCI and a lot's of branded item that i myself sometime wear once or twice then i throw into my 'JUNK' box. Original dude! Sometime i buy just because i saw in the magazines but still i don't wear it... What a waste?! 

That's why my mum always scolded at me when i'm buying 'things'. And my dad always 'sedekah' all my baju or my barang to poor people. Sometime my dad give my branded baju to anak tukang kebun..  Satu tindakan yang bijak dan sungguh KEJAM 'BERKEBAJIKAN' tapi amatlah menyakitkan hati bila semua barang tu DISEDEKAH tanpa pengetahuan aku  'TUAN PUNYA BARANG'. Sabau je la...


=p wek

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